Leslie Furlong (1905-1989)

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Leslie Furlong (1905-1989)


Artist: Leslie Furlong (1905-1989)

Description: Original oil painting

Dimensions: 16" x 12"

Title/Subject: Trees in Laguna Canyon

About the Artist: Leslie Modena Evans was born in Texas in 1905. She moved to California in the 1930's and attended Otis Art Institute. She also attended Claremont Graduate School and the Taos School of Art in New Mexico. She and her husband moved to Laguna Beach in 1940. During this time she was commissioned by the president of Venezuela, 1935–1941) to create a mural which was installed in the presidential palace in Santiago de León de Caracas, Venezuela. 

Leslie established an early reputation as a portrait painter, obtaining local and national level commissions, including a 1936 commission by John “Cactus Jack” Nance Garner (vice president, Roosevelt Administration, 1933–1941). 

In the 1940s Leslie established a ceramic-arts studio in Ojai, California, where she produced her own line of distinctive figural works and taught the art of ceramics. She was included in exhibitions at the Laguna Beach Festival of Arts; the Ojai Community Art Center; Quorum Gallery, Laguna Beach; and the Santa Ana Ebell Club, among others.

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